We are a Swiss branding and design agency.
Transformation is at the core of our business, driven by both digital innovation and the need for greater sustainability. We help corporations and public organisations to transform their services, mindset, behavior, communication and interaction. Thus ultimately transforming the experiences of users, clients, employees and citizens. In brief: transformational branding.

We work for the commercial, academic and public sectors alike. Scholtysik & Partner are hired by large international and Swiss corporations, start-ups, universities, public authorities and state-owned companies.

Our activities include strategy development, ideation, brand transformation, change communication and coaching, naming, trademarks and copyrights, multi-sensory (verbal, visual, acoustic, spatial) communication and experience design, testing and monitoring. 

We are a design-driven organisation with a multidisciplinary team of some 20 professionals from various backgrounds such as strategy consulting, design, journalism, psychology, technology and management. 

We strive to make digital innovation fit for humans. By making it understandable and enjoyable, by creating clarity and reducing fear, by adding meaning and building trust.

Fabian Sander, Partner

Why we join

Digital Day is a great opportunity to shift our national focus from risks to opportunities, from fear-mongering to problem-solving. As a branding and design agency, we thrive in a Swiss society that accepts challenges and embraces opportunities.

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